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Not so long ago, on the 25th and 26th of January, the annual youth conference History Makers took place. The conference gathered more that 400 youth from different countries, different cities and different denominations! We are truly happy that this ministry can be a tool in the hands of God for bringing unity in Christ's church!

This year's topic was 'Who is this KING OF GLORY?'. For two days we talked about God's glory and who He is, keeping in mind that He is our Father. The One, who created the stars within His hands, He calls us each by our name! From the first sound of the conference's opening you could feel that God's glory is here and that He has planned something big and wonderful for these days.

Huge thanks to our speakers Brian Long from the USA, Victor Volchenko, Dāvids Gleške, Ulvis Kravalis and our own leader Kristaps Āboltiņš, for all being vessels in the Hands of God to bring us the message that God wanted us to hear. Every speaker added to what the previous said and after every session we felt more and more encouraged. As a team, we are so appreciative of your desire to come and help us fight in Christ's battle for the youth in Latvia!

Thanks to our worship team as well and all the volunteers for your help in creating an atmosphere where God could freely come and work with our hearts! It was wonderful to see 104 people voluntarily give up their time and energy to serve the youth. This ministry could not exist without you and we're truly thankful for each and every one of you!

If you wish to see more pictures from the conference, go here:

Every conference's session can be viewed in video format here:

Although, no matter how nice it may be to immerse ourselves in memories about the conference, we are very happy to announce, that slowly we are getting ready for our summer camp History Makers UNITED, that will happen from August 20 -24! Save these dates and keep up with further information in our homepage and our Facebook page!

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