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Girls conference 2019: FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS

On the 6th of April the second girl conference UNFADING BEAUTY with a theme “For such a time as this” has passed. More than 80 young girls gathered together this year to praise God, get to know Him more and spend time together.

The topic of the conference this year was based on the scripture form the book of Esther 4:14 “...for such a time as this…”. Lana Āboltiņa and Alesha Nutter shared about lies and how they influence us, our lives, our way of thinking, as well as talked about our legacy - what decision we make and how that impacts our life in the future.

Also we had special time when we split into smaller groups to discuss practically about miscellaneous topics, share our thoughts and listed to our wonderful guests, who led these sessions. Marta Logina told about social media and what kind of influence it makes on us and how we can influence the world through social media. Oksana Chebotareva shared about the thing we go through every day, our actions, that our experience makes us stronger. Liga Valinka talked about our emotions and how they influence us, our thoughts and actions.

We had an amazing volunteer team this year, which invested a lot of time and effort to make this conference happen. Worship team, girls in the kitchen, registration, cleaning team, translators, organizers and all the rest - thank God for every heart that was open for this ministry.

We truly believe that each girl that came to the conference has received something from God and that it was indeed a special time for everyone!

We have some audio recordings from the conference which you can listen to.

Here you can hear Lana Āboltiņa talk about our lies can influence our lives:

Also here, you can listen to Alesha Nutter share about the story of Esther and how our choices impact our future and the people around us:

Pictures from the conference:

Until next year!

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